Integrative Medicine Physician

Job Summary:

Provides clinical leadership to ensure treatment is evidence based and outcome driven. In addition to having highly trained psychiatrists to collaborate with in each clinic, the use of master’s level clinical historians, psychological testing, neuropsychological screening tools, functional brain imaging, and emerging technology-based treatments such as TMS, HBOT, and neurofeedback, you will be in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing work environment. You will also have multiple opportunities for writing and speaking, if that appeals to you.


  • Graduate from an accredited school of medicine (M.D. or D.O. degree)
  • IFMCP training (certification preferred)
  • ABOIM, AIHM integrative residency or Fellowship a plus
  • Experience working in a fee for service setting in which operational efficiency, the fostering of referent relationships, providing high quality clinical work, and establishing positive therapeutic relationships is a core part of the role.
  • Experience dealing with a wide variety of medical issues, including hormone imbalance and deficiencies, and understanding the role they play in contributing to and/or complicating mental illness.